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Erik Dirks from the Netherlands writes about his visit to OM Ukraine’s “Sustainable missions” business projects:

I recently had the opportunity to come to Ukraine and visit Wayne Zschech in Kaharlyk, Ukraine.  I am an engineer from the Netherlands and a follower of Jesus. There was an opportunity to come to Ukraine for three months to help out with technical support for various projects.

While visiting Kaharlyk in the beginning of December, Wayne introduced me to various projects. He has stated that the goal is to create sustainable missions in Ukraine. We listened to many stories of how God is working through the different projects. I was impressed with the machinery Wayne has created that is able to extract usable fluid (e.g. diesel) from plastic. 

Wayne, with a number of local people, has created this factory and machinery out of nothing, with the goal in mind to create a cleaner town.  The project is still in the beginning phase and has many changes to be made to improve the system.  However, it has the potential to work well and, in the future, provide income for the town and create an environmentally friendly way to process the issue of plastic waste in an ecological way.

This experience has changed my view on what mission work is and what could be involved.  Being a missionary is not just going out and telling people about Jesus and the Bible. Rather, mission work can also involve finding solutions for issues that society is facing, including unemployment, waste management, recycling and creating sustainable businesses. The bible tells us we are to bring light to the world; how this may look may be very different for every single person. 

I am very grateful to God for having the opportunity to visit Wayne in Kaharlyk and have been inspired to use my technical abilities to help spread God’s Word and light into the world.

Published: Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Credit: OM International
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