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Dipa* grew up in a remote village in South Asia where she struggled with fear for many years because of sickness. She recalled suffering from demon possession and said she would become so sick that she would often go unconscious often. Her family was always discouraged that she would never get better, and Dipa also felt very hopeless. “I would always think that I would die soon and that was my greatest fear,” she said.

This continued for four years until her mother met a group of foreign OM workers in 2015, who visited her hotel for tea and sold her six pieces of Christian literature, including parts of the Gospel. Dipa read all the books her mother purchased, but she especially took note of one story about a girl, who, though disabled, had hope, joy and courage in Jesus.

“Her story encouraged me and made me think that if she had hope in Jesus, then I also can know God and have hope in Him,” Dipa stated. After this revelation that Jesus gave hope, she started calling on Jesus in times of difficulty. As she read the books more and more, Dipa started feeling better but lacked someone to explain more of God’s Word to her.  

In 2017, two local OM workers visited Dipa’s mother’s hotel and shared the gospel with her. Her mother told the team about Dipa’s sickness, and they told her that no problem was too big for God. The team then prayed for her and left her with an audio Bible. When she got home, she gave Dipa the audio Bible to listen to. Dipa was amazed to learn from the Bible that God was the Creator of everything, and Jesus was His Son.

Unable to contain this new knowledge, she said to her mother, “I want to accept Jesus Christ.” Though her mother was open to hearing about Jesus, she wasn’t willing for her daughter to become a follower of Christ. However, despite her mother’s refusal, Dipa persisted in finding out more. She went into the nearest city to look for the believers who had given her mother the audio Bible. Instead, she found a church.

The church members prayed with Dipa and connected her to the OM workers, who had given her mother the Bible. They began discipling her and taking her on different outreaches to share the gospel with others. As Dipa grew closer to God, her greatest fear, death, transformed into a reverent fear of God. Healed of demon possession, Dipa grew in her deep desire to share the gospel and serve God full-time.

Out of this desire that started with a gospel book and an audio Bible, Dipa joined OM’s one-year discipleship programme in January 2018. Pray that her excitement and joy to serve God will continue to grow.

Published: Wednesday, 04 April 2018
Credit: OM International
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