'What happens after we die?'

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As OM workers Liz and Ruth* sat waiting for their dinner in a small hotel in the cold Himalayan mountains, a friendly local villager named Pema* came in. “He started talking to us casually at first and then his face grew heavy as he shared about his lost son,” remembered Liz. Pema wiped the tears from his face as he lamented over the fact that his son has been missing for 11 months now, leaving behind a wife and children. “There can’t be a God!” exclaimed Pema, as he continued to share the sorrows of his family.

Ruth, seeing his pain, carefully began sharing with him the story of creation. “God didn't create this world to be one that was full of pain. Everything God created was good,” explained Ruth. As they saw his openness to what they were saying, they continued to share that it was the fall of man and sin that brought separation and pain into the world. That it was not God’s original plan, but after it happened, God’s love still remained so He sent His own son to save us from our sins and pain.

After Pema mulled over those words, he said, “I didn't really mean it when I said there can’t be a God. I know God is there, but can I ask you a question?” Quickly nodding, Ruth told him to proceed. “I am now an old man. Christians say one thing and Buddhist say another, but what happens after we die?” Liz shared that if we believe that Jesus died for our sins and accept Him as our personal Lord and Saviour, we will receive eternal life when we die and leave this earth. Noticing that it was a lot of first-time information for Pema to understand and accept, Liz asked him if they could pray for him and he accepted the invitation. Liz and Ruth prayed that the Holy Spirit would reveal God’s truth and love to him and show him the hope that there is in Christ.

Pray that as Pema has started hearing about the gospel, the Holy Spirit will help him to understand and believe. Pray that more people like Pema from least reached areas will have open hearts to listen and believe in the gospel.

Published: Tuesday, 27 March 2018
Credit: OM International
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