Hope from hopelessness

Ben | Nepal

Rana* a 35-year-old woman from the south of Nepal shared her story with OM workers recently at the AIDSLink International* Nepal care centre. Ten years earlier she had a beautiful life. But her life came crashing down when her husband suddenly became sick. Test results showed that both Rana and her husband were HIV positive. They were shocked and full of fear. “What shall we do?” they thought. Rana’s husband’s health continued to fail, and he later died. Without a husband and having no children, Rana was alone.  

Rana was not able to stay in the home of her husband anymore, so she returned to live with her parents and brother, though she kept her HIV status a secret from them. After nine years, Rana, too, became very sick and though she already knew, the doctor now confirmed to her family that she was HIV positive and sent her to Kathmandu for testing and treatment.  

It was there that Rana met the staff of AIDSLink Nepal, who were friendly and helpful and most important of all, understood her situation. They counselled and encouraged her, and helped her with her antiretroviral therapy. AIDSLink Nepal also provided her with a place to stay in Kathmandu during her time of testing and initial treatment as she was in need.

Through the work of AIDSLink staff, Rana got the opportunity to understand more about her condition, and she was able to see the hope and joy in the lives of the staff through the way they served. For such a long time Rana felt hopeless and sad, but now, for the first time in 10 years, Rana had hope and joy. Today Rana feels well and thinks the future looks much brighter for her thanks to the work of AIDSLink Nepal.

*AIDSLink International works in partnership with OM to impact the worldwide HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Published: Friday, 19 October 2018
Credit: Ben
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