Solar-powered evangelism

Liam James | South Asia

An OM team in South Asia is using the sun to help share the good news with people who have never heard it. In this region, there are many isolated villages scattered about the mountains, disconnected from the rest of society. This results in a lack of education and illiteracy for many.

In order to reach these people, OM has been sending teams with solar-powered audio Bibles to these villages. These audio Bibles are not just great for reaching those who cannot read, but also a great tool to help villagers share the gospel with others. They can even do it as they work. Many villages have limited electricity or none at all, so having solar-powered audio Bibles is essential. On a recent outreach to one village, a team met a woman named Eliza* who had received an audio Bible from another team a few months before. As she listened to the words of scripture, she learnt more about Jesus, and understood that He is "the way, the truth, and the life."

Eliza shared this good news with her husband, Rikash*, and they both began to realise this news was too good to keep to themselves. They decided to share it with their whole village. “We believe that everyone should hear this message at least once before they die,” they proclaimed, and that is exactly what they set out to do. They recorded the message of the audio Bible on their phone and delivered it to everyone in their village. Now their village has a chance to hear about Jesus.

Pray that Eliza, her husband and others who have received audio Bibles would not just hear the message of hope and see it as something good, but would truly accept the gift of salvation by putting their faith in Jesus and continue to share it with others.

Published: Wednesday, 02 January 2019
Credit: Liam James
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