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Sabana de Pozos is an impoverished community whose situation was worsened by the earthquake that devastated the area in 2016. A team from Logos Hope visited this area and spent a day with children there.

The children showed excitement at the sight of a group of international volunteers coming to spend quality time with them. Eyes opened wide when the crewmembers showed them their national flags, asking them which ones matched with their countries. Many exclamations were heard as the group described the ship they live on and the goals of sharing knowledge, help and hope with people in all the ports the vessel visits.

The theme was ‘You are valuable’. Bethany Neil (USA) explained that this is a message the team felt passionately about sharing, since children might often hear that God loves them without understanding their own value. The crewmembers read them a story that would show them their importance in their Creator’s eyes. “It isn’t about what others think about them, it is about what God thinks about them,” explained Daniel Fehrenbach (Switzerland). “It is the most important thing for everyone to know, even for me. I think this touched the children’s hearts.”

The team commented on how impressed they were that the church members organising the children’s programmes every week have the energy to do so for at least three hours each time, twice in the same day. At this, the pastor’s wife answered that God gives them the strength to serve.

“They are so faithful! They host these gatherings in two different locations, provide food for them, and give so much time and resource. I am impressed by their care for kids and what God is doing there. I think I was impacted by them,” Bethany said, joyfully. “These people who are working in local communities are making such a big impact. Praise God, and please pray for those who are giving up their life right where they are for these needs.”

The crewmembers expressed the honour it was for them to be able to connect with the children all day, to see how responsive and how thankful they were to have met volunteers from different countries, with an important message. The pastor, his wife and other church members also expressed their gratitude for the work the Logos Hope team had done.

Published: Friday, 23 November 2018
Credit: OM International
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